Applications - Music and singing

Alexander's work has long been recognised in the world of singing and playing music. Such well known personalities as Paul McCartney, Sting, Yehudi Menuhin and Sir Julian Bream have used the technique to help with their performance, and many major music colleges include Alexander lessons in their programme.

With regards to singing, or presenting, public speaking or other similar activities, an improved relationship between head, neck and back will allow the voice and the respiratory mechanisms to function at a much higher standard, with greater fullness and expressiveness and less chance of strain or injury.

When musicians understand how to handle their instruments without inappropriate physical tension, this allows optimal conditions for creativity and spontaneity, as well as accuracy in performance.

"The Alexander Technique can be sustaining; it is something that if learned well, can be carried along with you for the rest of your life.
It gives you confidence to be who you are when you are up in front of an audience."

Patrick Maddams,
Managing Director, Royal Academy of Music