Applications - Sports

The Alexander Technique has proven a great help to people involved in all kinds of sports and fitness activities - athletics, competitive sports, swimming and many others, and it is also a great complement to such activities as yoga and tai chi. The technique provides for a natural way of easier breathing, balance, coordination, and economy in movement and allows us to take an intelligent approach to keeping fit, rather than just driving our bodies harder in the hope it will keep us in shape.

Better use means better performance, enhanced self-awareness, and greater control over what we are doing, all of which make for an increase in success, confidence and satisfaction in participating. Additionally, learning to use ourselves in the right manner can help reduce the risk of injury, and is an important aid in recovery and rehabilitation.

Among those who use the AT are such well known athletes as Daley Thompson and Linford Christie, and the technique has been used in British Olympic team training.

"I can definitely say without hesitation that I wouldn't have had the rowing success that I have had the luxury of experiencing in my short time on the water without finding the AT and the great teachers that I have had the privilege to work with."

Valerie Thompson Williams,
Rowing masters gold medalist